About – Usability Marketing:

Hi, I am Jagadeesh Chundru, Founder of Usability Marketing.

I started Usability Marketing ( 10-25-2020) based on my past experiences as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Why Usability Marketing?

  • Usability Marketing helps to test UI/UX, Copy, Visual, and Tracking. By showing your website or app to certified people. It help’s to increase Conversions and Credibility.
  • It helps to reduce the cost of the ad and helps for better branding and credibility.
  • For Example, WHITE HAT JUNIOR Ads are the worst and shameful ad in 2020. You can get Ad videos Online.
  • So, To identify and modify these type of mistakes. Companies definitely need our Usability Marketing Services.
  • Research shows 90% of Agencies are failing to fulfil the client goals because of a lack of quality services in the digital marketing industry.
  • After seeing these types of experiences. I decided to start Usability Marketing.
  • So, our Usability Marketing Services useful for any business based on the requirements.


For more info Mail: [email protected]